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Work for Change Podcast

Jul 9, 2019

The Work for Change Podcast is a weekly audio and visual podcast brought to you by brothers Jean and John Glaude.

Topics discussed vary from issues related to weight loss, CrossFit, books we've read, or movies we've watched. Our hope when listening to the Work for Change Podcast is that you leave feeling encouraged, like you just spent an hour or so with your closest friends talking life.

The show also features interviews from people who have "Worked for Change" in their life, whether that is health-related or not. John Glaude has a successful YouTube Channel (Obese to Beast) where he gives practical tips to help those on their weight-loss journey. Jean Glaude has a YouTube Channel focusing on CrossFit and Lifestyle Vlogs.

We both have had very different stories that brought us to this point, but are excited that we have been able to bring our experiences together to create this podcast.